Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friends's Cats

I did some drawings for my friends , it's their cats Titeun ( a somalis cat ) , Pimprenelle ( a sphynx cat ) , Pompom ( a chartreux cat).i enjoy having time with those adorable cats.

Friday, July 15, 2011


This is a sculpture I did in 2004 in ShanXi (China) when I was in the  SHUANGLIN temple.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Old Drawings did when I was at school SUP

Chao's CV

Character Design and Research for "A FOX TALE"

At the end of my 4th year, I've been selected by the teachers to realise my idea. My team was composed of Alexandre talented in creation of 3d pictures, Thomas great animator and Julien who is a working hard person and full of ideas for the story. They were all three motivated to realise with me this film. I continued to finish the story with them. In the same time I worked on the character design and graphic/visual research.

Amount all the character designs I've made, I decided finally to mix them. I kept the two brothers side to give more value to the story (two brothers or friends who are fighting for a woman is much funnier than two strangers who are doing the same thing). I tried to make difference between them with their physics body, their character and their fight style.

For the fox I was desapointing to remove the nine tails but it will add technical problems and it was not very important in the story. So we need a little clever fox in the film.


Little bother WU SONG is big, strong and having big arms. He is simple, naive, obedient to his old brother (WU DA) but aggresiv.
The big brother WU DA is small, well dressed, pretentious and nervous.

I continued to precise the character of the girl. She must have a very nice eastern face and a young sexy body.


Kung fu style for the two brothers are totally opposite. WU SONG hits a lot with his big arms. He is violent and never tired. WU DA knows a lot of technical fight, is rapid, can jump very high and is very dynamic.

I did a lot of posing for the girl Doing the same movements than a fox would do.



I did statues to see better the 3d volume in view of the modelisation.

I finished to designed, modeled, skinned, textured the girl (hairfairm by julien legay).